Apocalyptic Sermon/January 1, 2021

The Spiritual Apocalypse

There is a lot to say. The corona virus is plainly the divine judgment spoken of in the bible. Although the literal fulfilment of this prophecy is in the final five months before the return of Christ, the spiritual progression fits a second exposition. The five month period can also represent the five decades leading up to the firmly predicted, literal five months, the Great Tribulation period of 2070. The II Revelation says that the prophecies can have more than one exposition, often a literal and a spiritual interpretation. In retrospect, the divine Valentine's Feast for Jehovah, held on February 14, 2016, forewarned of the pandemic. The most conspicuous item of the feast was the tablecloth and silver bats on it.

The corona virus came from bats, which makes this prophetic feast even more interesting. And I Revelation Chapter 11:6 spells out that I shall have the power to curse the earth with plagues as often as I may desire. This is understood because the II Revelation explains in great detail of how I fit the bill for the two witnesses. For, I am coming in the spirit and power of Elijah to reform the apostate Christian church, and I am also coming in the spirit and power of John the apostle by sharing the second revelation of Jesus Christ revealed unto me during my days in exile.

Of course, the locusts have a king over them, the king of the Abyss, Apollyon the Destroyer, whose name is Abaddon in Hebrew. Abaddon is often translated as the place of destruction, the grave, (aka hades,) in the Old Testament. And the II Revelation explains that this messenger also has the principality of Hades, the same exact messenger, Cupid, the chiefest son of the Adversary. And hades is an underworld place of prisons. It is, therefore, no coincidence that this plague would begin as divine retribution for the most righteous man alive, (according to the law of faith,) being held in a prison with false accusations. And West Virginia was the last state in the nation to have any cases of corona virus, as another sign that it was somehow relevant to me, in the manner that the lot kept falling and narrowing down to Jonah when the tempest began.

And what a profoundly fitting divine retribution it is that the Lord would punish the whole world and lock them down as a result and terrorize them as the officials terrorize me that they are going to kill me. Of course, the Lord also has humanity hiding their faces in shame for their hypocrisy. The masks cover their noses and mouths, which spiritually represent the male and female sexual organs. In fact, a prison official had called me a virus one time. It is quite fitting that, years later, they would be shut down and infected with a virus after my spiritual name. And after I was released, only then was the vaccine released as well. Because Jason means 'he who is about to heal' in Greek, for the Lord is signifying that I am about to heal the world spiritually.

And it is obvious that John the apostle must remain, somehow, until the end, according to the final verses of his gospel, but not that he wouldn't die. By writing the II Revelation in a book, I have fulfilled the prophecy that John would remain somehow, in like manner to how it was said that John the Baptist came as Elijah. And I have come as Elijah to prepare the world for Christ's second coming as John the Baptist formed a great ministry to influence people into repentence before Christ came the first time in the flesh as the man Jesus Christ.

So, the prophecies of the II Revelation keep coming true. The II Revelation says that I am a writer, and by inference a professional writer. I certainly have honed my writing skills and grammer in preparation of final proofreading on the II Revelation. And the entire concept of marriage throughout the II Revelation is partly about marrying together the ancient prophecies with the II Revelation into one single, Apocalyptic Christian Bible. So, that is an important aspect of my future plans in changing the world by sharing the divine truth of the bible in music and ministry.

It is not ironic that I had written how the locust plague of I Revelation Chapter 9 was somehow relevant to myself. I had written in II Revelation, years before the corona virus, that their tails are after my spiritual name, Koda, which is Latin for 'tail', and that their crowns were after my middle name, Steven, which is Hebrew for "crown". And when you put those two attributes of the locusts together, you get the Latin word for crown, 'corona', by which the locust plague injures those taking the mark of the beast. It certainly has key elements and paints the nuanced picture.

Of course, these weren't the only signs. I had a premonition when Vermont was maliciously retaliating against me for my lawsuits that the government offices would be shut down by such a plague. I had a vision in late 2017 that the government offices were closed on account of Mother Nature using divine retribution to punish my adversaries. This is when I was pondering how I may fulfill the apocalyptic prophecies if I am suffering so much retaliation. The corona virus is destroying the prison system, as we speak, and taking away the financial incentive of the elite to fund it so robustly because it is a public health hazard. And real violent crime, the prospect of budget cuts from a broken economy, and social disdain are taking away the incentive to fund such hypercriminalization when real problems exist.

And the Lord has shown me that this plague is not going to die out. It is going to become as endemic as the flu, and will keep mutating. It will be difficult to fight and will humble those taking the mark of the beast, and the merchants of the world who are committing whoredom with the Mother of All Harlots, the Catholic Church and their global banking monopoly. So, only those who have the seal of God upon their foreheads, the saints who are predestined to join the Apocalyptic Christian Assembly, will escape from the plague. (See I Revelation 9:17).

There were many other signs that this is the fulfilment of a biblical prophecy. First of all, I had been led to Israel by the two heavenly feasts that I had received premonitions to hold. And the only souvenirs that I brought back from Israel were a New Israeli Sheckle that has 20-20 on both sides, and a Swedish Krona, that my favorite Israeli there had given unto me, for Krona is Swedish for "crown". And the woman who gave it to me was so gorgeous and had the softest lips I ever kissed. And she was figuratively the manifestation of the Virgin Mary, although definitely not a virgin in any regard.

And let's not forget the patterns and events that led me to prepare the two heavenly Valentine's Day feasts and how they relate to the II Revelation. First of all, I had to be released on All Saint's Day, according to the pictogram prophecy that I received from the Lord, while writing down the second revelation. Then, there was also a riddle that could be interpreted as 56 days and a year from the open-ended clue given unto me by the Lord. The Lord said, I think it is the 5th or the 6th, leading me to find the perfection. And the perfection was this bizarre pattern of the number seven on September 7th, 2014, which signified my 7th year in prison to the day. For, 2+0+1+4=7, and Septa is Latin for Seven, and 14 divided by 2 is seven, shiva in Hebrew. And many other forms could be added or subracted to also arrrive at seven.

So, if we count that relevant day of September 7th, as a year, rather than a day, and add the 5th and 6th together, as 56 days, it takes exactly to my release date on All Saint's Day of 2015, as referenced in the pictogram. Without the pictogram and the fact that I had written a divine revelation with no resources in prison, it may not have seemed like a whole lot more than a coincidence. But these nuances of the numerology help to persuade the skeptics. Of course, there really is no other explanation for the apocalyptic prophecies in the ancient scriptures, either. If anyone were to try to interpret all of them and make a coherent natural narrative out of them all, they would wind up copycatting my book.

The II Revelation plainly answers the riddles posed by the apocalyptic ancient prophecies and addresses every nuance. Of course, the new, more readable version that is going to be publicized very soon will help people to understand it. But I realize that I also have to create video sermons to help people digest it. And I will have to record apocalyptic Christian music to really reach all these apostates out there in the world. And I will have to advertise it to obtain saturation of awareness.

Also, when you read the II Revelation, there are scriptures there about how Abel was given Eve as a wife for his 14th birthday. Then you have the other prophecy that I would see Mary again when I see Cupid's arrows. And add together the reference that Mary was the last Eve, who helped save humanity through her acts of righteousness as the polar opposite of the first Eve who led all men to death by her acts of wickedness. So, since Mary was given unto me as a spiritual wife, it was fitting that the feast should be referential to the 14th, Cupid's arrows, and Israel. And even the Michelob beer is Hebrew for "Who is Like Abel?" And beer is definitely something that causes people to fall in love, like Cupid's golden arrows.

And it was only after I traveled from Vermont to purchase the golden light Michelob draft in Chicago, that I knew the Lord wanted me to go far away to Israel for my birthday. Because, in retrospect, I realized that both times I purchased the Michelob, as instructed in the divine premonition before my All Saint's Day release, the beer had a born on date of December 5th, my birthday. So, I was like Abel, receiving the Virgin Mary for my 40th birthday, as Isaac had married Rebecca when he was 40 years old. And it was my final trip to Israel where I met the Israeli/Swedish model who loved me (after just turning 40) and gave me the Krona coin as a souvenir.

In addition to all these divine perfections, the II Reveltion tells us that Gabriel has 105 diamonds on his cape, signifying the virgin love the Lord. And it was exactly 105 days from my prophetic All Saint's Day release until the Valentine's Day Feast for Jehovah. And it was exactly 105 days that I spent in Delaware, the diamond state. Therefore, the II Revelation's seemingly random numbers mean a whole lot when put into context of my personal relationship with Jehovah and the divine premonitions and signs that I personally can testify to be true.

And this Krona, or corona virus, appears to be the reason why I shall have luck in establishing the Apocalyptic Christian Assembly. And that is the true bride stored up for me, as the Church, itself, is often referenced to be the bride of Christ in the Bible. And many times, I had encountered lovers, after leaving for Israel, who fulfilled the prophecy that the Virgin Mary would manifest in the flesh as a dream coming true, however that may be. And they certainly weren't virgins.

And I shall soon have all the capital that I need to really bring this message to the world in full force. The Lord is preparing everything by his watch, and the time is plainly growing late. It is time for the world to wake up to righteousness. They are being exploited and deluded by the Catholic Church and its banking empire. The Catholic Church had allowed the Jews to build banking empires. And the Vatican has a symbiotic relationship with them because the banks need the people to obey self-serving laws and to take their place in a New World Order, by beliving that God wants them to bow down to government authorities. In fact, many officials even cite Romans 13, the King James Translation, that equates government with God, and feel that they have some religious obligation to do what they do.

Of course, the government is in no manner a government at all. And though this corporation, United States Inc., has absolute power over apostates and is drunk off the blood of martyrs, it is a trial sent upon the earth to weed out the hypocrites and posers. Only those with true faith and love for the Lord find an escape by the wisdom of the Holy Bible. The commercial Christian churches are set up to fulfill the I Revelation Chapter 13 prophecy, because they are the small beast that is causing everyone to bow down before the beast and its image, Lady Justice.

Now that people aren't working and have no reason to entertain the delusions being sold to them by Hollywood, they have the chance to learn about the II Revelation and the true Word of God. They cannot claim that they are too busy now, simply struggling to survive. And the powers that be truly need the II Revelation to prevent all the disenfranchised Americans from uprising and committing serious crimes. Unfortunately, the people who want to oppose the government authorities are more evil than the corrupt government authorities, in many cases. They will kill without reason or conscience and will be absolutely corrupted by any power they obtain.

A civil war is already progressing as the minority groups who are most oppressed by the government start speaking their minds and protesting. The better idea is to educate these people regarding the divinity of the bible that they are peaceful because the Lord commands it. And the better idea is to let them trust officials that they may receive vaccinations. At this time, so many Americans don't even trust the government because they have abused their power and have a bad image with many groups. So, the problems in this world are not going to be as easily solved as the leaders may think. Truly, I have the solution for helping to build a better world out of the plagues now killing so many Americans.

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