Apocalyptic Sermon/April 22, 2019

The II Release of the II Revelation

The II Revelation still requires some grammatic revisions. I wanted to maintain the original flow and vibe as much as possible. But, it can be hard to read when you have too many run-on sentences jumbling things up. The type of proofreading that is needed is all aesthetics and punctuation. Once this is done, the II Revelation can be fully incorporated with the Holy Bible and released as the apocalyptic vision that the saints will adopt as the final Word of God.

It took me years of writing other things to really polish my script, so that I can carry out this task. Moses was, likewise, not very good with words and had to rely on Aaron to help him in this manner. I do not see why the II Revelation cannot be completed to a grammatically prime edition shortly. I am just preoccupied with so many other facets of fulfilling the prophecies in the II Revelation. The Lord declared that I should shout from the roof tops whatever is revealed to me from God. I am struggling to do this because it is laborious, and I have too much on my plate all the time.

The II Revelation still will be worded, nevertheless, much like the Robert Young Literal Translation of the Bible. In that version, the style of English uses commas where we would not use them and allows for run-on sentences. But, if I am able to change some of the phrasing without detracting at all from the substance, then I will have the ideal medium for releasing the II Revelation. But, I believe that there has to be power established before the written Word, and that the book will only have meaning to those who are already desiring to seek it. At this time, people simply have little respect for me or the Lord and would rather further themselves at any moment pursuant to an infected mindset of commercial nihilism.

Jesus, likewise, had taken to the public forum to condemn the people who were against him. I have to make my stand once I am given Aaron and have completed my work. I think that the sooner that I finish, the better, because my power to topple the established and evil powers of the world is through Truth. And no one will be able to hear the truth unless I climb up on the rooftops to declare it. But, I have so many battles constantly going on because there is a bounty on my head like that for John the Baptist and our Lord when the Pharisees were looking to falsely accuse him and crucify him. I have confidence in the Word of God that no one is able to resist His will, and that I will, therefore, complete whatever work is given to me even if I had to spend time in the whale's belly like Jonah before being compelled to focus on the work and finish it.

The Lord is answering my prayers and giving me the blueprint. I am obedient and anxious to do the will of the Lord. The spirit is willing, no matter how weak the flesh may be. It is just extensive revisions to polish things into what I deem to be a worthy sacrifice for the Lord. My high standards of perfectionism do not allow me to make any steps without certain success and a quality that is impeccable. As a representative of the Lord, I am doing my best to fulfill my obligations. Amen!

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