Apocalyptic Sermon/December 7, 2018

The Virgin Mary Prophecy!

The Virgin Mary prophecy is very misleading and open-ended in the II Revelation. In brief, the Lord has clarified with finality that the Virgin Mary will not literally appear in the supernatural flesh until Christ himself returns on the Mount of Olives at dusk of February 19th, 2071. The Virgin Mary is used to make an anthropomorphic symbol of the assembly of believers. As Christ had said himself, who are my mother and bretheren, they are not my literal family but those who do the will of the Jehovah. This means that I have a leading role in the reformation and that the spirit of the Virgin Mary will work through all the Apocalyptic Christian adherents of my assembly.

So, once I secure the capital and/or otherwise get things growing with interest, I can start changing the world and helping those who are oppressed and suffering unfairly under this false-Mafia controlled Jewish-Catholic-Orthodox-Masonic New World Order. Because false religion is what is being used to justify all sorts of evils, the II Revelation is critical to unraveling the mind-control enslavement that is used to conquer entire nations under the guise of cultural norms.

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